Our range of products

Welcome to the one of the most natural delicacies – the Heumilch cheese made at the Bergkäserei Zillertal! Our cheeses stand for absolutely natural production in harmony with the environment, the livestock and humans. The Bergkäserei Zillertal produces under strict guidelines: the use of additives or genetically modified organisms (GMO) is prohibited.

For several years our firm is run as an organically certified (AT-BIO-701) business and since 2007 we produce all our Heumich cheeses according to organic guidelines using organic milk from organically certified farms.
It is since then that 20% of the entire delivered milk is processed according to these stringent standards resulting in the consumer being able to enjoy each of our products either „conventionally“ or „organically“ produced.

Our Heumilch cheese specialities at a glance:
Zillertaler Zillertaler Bergkäse (Alpine): subtly tasty, conventional or organic

Zillertaler Emmentaler: nutty-sweet and mellow, conventional or organic

Zillertaler Granat: rich and full-bodied, conventional or organic

and last but not least our

Zillertaler Sauerrahmbutter (sour cream butter): creamy slightly sour, conventional