The refreshing aroma of sour cream indicates this products main ingredient. Notes of cream, meadow flowers and young wood can also be detected. The smell of boiled potatoes, legumes and pulses reminds one of a vegetable garden. Cream and butter milk form the predominate flavour on the palate. The overall aroma is rounded off with traces of vanilla, pineapple, almond and pale caramel. The exemplary smooth and silky texture melts easily. The delicate sour note is typical for this product.

Cheese category: sour cream butter made with HeuMILCH             taste: creamy slightly sour

Fat content: 82%

Nutritional value per 100g (Ø)

  Per 100g/100ml
Fat  82,0 g
thereof saturated fatty acid 53g
Energy values /calorific values

3056 kJ / 743 kcal

Carbohydrates    0,6 g 
 thereof sugar  0,6 g
 thereof lactose 0,6g
Protein 1,0g
Salt < 0,03g

Storage: cool, 4 - 6 °C

Available in the following varieties:
+ block
+ piece (0,25 kg)