Noticeable light aromatic scent of pineapple, honey, almond and nutmeg that together with the fragrances of young wood and sour cream suggests a youthful freshness. The freshness is sustained on the palate in the flavours of buttermilk, pineapple and boiled potatoes. The taste of hazelnut, malt and cocoa make for a good contrast. The dense and friable appearing cheese crumbles apart in the mouth imparting a delicate sweetness and invigorating juiciness.

Cheese category: semi-hard cheese made with HeuMILCH Taste: nutty-sweet and mellow

Fat in the dry matter: 45% Absolute fat: 30

Nutritional value per 100g (Ø)

Per 100g/100ml
Protein 27,0 g
Carbohydrates 0,0 g
Fat 31,0 g
Energy values / calorific value

1838kJ / 419kcal

Saturated fats     23,3 g
Sugar  0,0 g
Salt 0,4 – 1,0 g

Storage: cool, 4 - 6 °C
Consumption temperature: 10 - 15°C (take out of fridge at least 2 hours before eating)

Cheese weight: approx. 80kg
Age: 2-4 months

Available in the following varieties:
+ Round / Block
+ loaf / stick
+ piece
+ slices
+ grated