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The Hirschhuber cheese dairy, one of the largest in the Tyrol was founded in 1923 by the Hirschhuber family, who still own and run it.  Apart from the special "juice" silage free milk and bearing in mind all the innovations, the technical advances and the experience over the past 100 years it is the Hirschhuber family’s dedication, which truly defines the cheese dairy’s success. Self-confidence, hard work and the firm belief in his products – the Natur Emmentaler, Bergkäse / Alpine (a term used generically, especially in Austria, for cheeses which resemble Gruyere or Fontina in taste and texture but do not come from one of the traditional cheese making regions) and Granat – enabled Hans Hirschhuber to make all decisions concerning the wheels of cheese from Schlitters up until 1994. Today the cheese dairy is run by his son Alois Hirschhuber. Lois, an honest-to-good Zillertaler does not lose his cool easily. This is a good. Rome wasn’t built in a day either and patience is very important when making cheese. Thus a chapter of Tyrolean cheese history was written – from a one-man business to a modern cheese dairy.

Year after year millions of litres of milk are processed to produce first class cheeses. A large part of the cheeses are exported primarily to South and Eastern Europe, but also to the USA. Part of the production is distributed throughout the Tyrol and Austria. A few of the cheese wheels never make it to the success statistics: Lois needs them for his co-workers and friends. In short: Hirschhubers Zillertaler cheese is on everyone’s lips. The Natur Emmentaler as well as the Bergkäse (Alpine). The word goes around; you simply have to try this cheese...




Bergkäserei Zillertal

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Tirol | Austria
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