Rudolf Hirschhuber – born in Weerberg at the „Leachhof“ buys the cheese dairy in Schlitters and the „Fiechterhof“ with about 50 dairy cows


Rudolf Hirschhuber dies

...his two sons Hans and Rudolf and widow Theresia Hirschhuber run the business.


Hans Hirschhuber marries Marianne, née  „Watscher“, they have seven children.


Rudolf Hirschhuber becomes the farmer at the „Brixner“


The cheese dairy is pulled down.

A in those days modern cheese dairy is built.

The annual milk delivery amounts to about 4 MM kg.

A small „Milchtrinkstube“ (parlour where milk is served) is established unique throughout a widespread area.


The cheese dairy in Weerberg is built.

The annual milk delivery to Weerberg amounts to approx. 4 MM kg.

1975 - 1977

The Gasthof „Zum Senner“ is built with a cheese storage cellar in the basement.


A sensation in those days – the construction of a free barn for approx. 100 cattle.


The cheese dairy in Weerberg is closed and the milk is delivered to the dairy in Schlitters.

The cheese dairy in Schlitters is enlarged and renovated.

From this point on approx. 9,5 MM kg milk are processed in Schlitters.

Up until 1985 exclusively Emmentaler was produced. From then on more and more Bergkäse (Alpine) was produced> Todays apportionment is:
Bergkäse (Alpine) approx. 90 % and Emmentaler approx. 10 %


Hans Hirschhuber dies

The cheese dairy and the farm are run by his son Alois.

Son Raimund inherits the Gasthof „Zum Senner“

2004 - 2005

A new modern maturing storage is built

The old maturing store is shut down

Alois Hirschhuber and his son Hansjörg together with 10 employees process approx. 10 MM kg milk annually.


Organic certification for the production and the maturing storage

Start of organic Heumilch cheese production with approx. 1,5 MM kg organic Heumilch/year


The dairy receives a „facelift“:

- the building’s facade is renewed and insulated
- a flexible and cutting-edge feedthrough press system replaces the old turning presses
- all production areas are fully air conditioned