Heumilch is a premium dairy product. The ratio of hay milk to the total milk production within the EU is only approx. 2% Hay milk has approximately double the content of omega 3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acids and is extremely popular with health conscious consumers.

Hay milk is a form of cow’s milk produced by dairy farmers who have undertaken to feed their cows solely with silage-free feed. Formerly this milk was used to make hard cheese types and was called silage-free milk. In Summer the cows are fed fresh grass, clover and herbs and in Winter solely hay. To give the animals a well-balanced diet including nutrients small amounts of concentrated feed mainly grain and minerals are added. This form of husbandry is the most labour-intensive but also the most natural.

The advantages of hay milk are its suitability for producing hard and semi-hard cheese types – low butyric acid bacteria content – and the unique taste. New research has indicated that hay milk consumption brings nutritional-physiological advantages. Hay milk is the most original milk product, produced as it has been for centuries and is the special ingredient that goes into our cheeses - Bergkäse (Alpine) and Emmentaler.

Hay milk husbandry depends on permanent grassland. Due to grasslands high filtering properties milk husbandry ensures optimum protection for the groundwater. The meadows biodiversity also safeguards the lands sustainability for future generations.